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Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

Paid search engine marketing known as pay-per-click (PPC) drives leads to your website through paid advertising on the search engine results page. We create PPC campaigns that work in tandem with your organic SEO program.

Our PPC Process:

Our first step is to determine what your PPC strategy should be. Oftentimes, this depends on what you are doing from an SEO standpoint and how your SEO needs to be supplemented and supported. We also break down your target audience into groups so that we can be hyper-focused in targeting ad messaging and landing pages.

Keyword Research
We conduct keyword research to determine which keywords to bid on and recommend an appropriate daily and monthly budget. We group target keywords into ad groups based on the PPC strategy we’ve outlined for your business.

Content Creation
We make recommendations for your landing page content based on the objectives we’ve discussed and the target keywords. After finalizing landing page copy, we create PPC ads that are highly relevant to the destination landing page.

Campaign Set-Up
We set up your entire PPC campaign and conversion tracking in Google Adwords and ensure that your campaign is tracking correctly in Google Analytics.

Ongoing Campaign Management
We track and refine your campaign on a daily basis, making tweaks to enhance results. We provide monthly reporting on campaign performance.