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Public Relations

Traditional Public Relations (PR) is changing, but it is far from dead.  There is a place for PR in an online context as more and more print publications are moving online and journalists are increasingly using the Internet to research and discover new stories.

KLS Interactive leverages a blend of traditional and online PR practices to deliver your brand messaging via the communication channels that are most likely to reach your target audience.

We work with you  to develop engaging messaging for your PR campaigns.  From promoting company news and new product announcements to  creating thought leadership articles and scheduling media interviews, we take your knowledge and expertise and make it newsworthy.

Media Relations
Effective public relations is all about building relationships. We develop a targeted media list that includes both offline and online media outlets relevant to your company’s industry and expertise. We then work with you to identify key messages that integrate with your overall marketing strategy and develop story ideas that will spark media interest.

Press Release Optimization
Just like your web pages, press releases can be indexed by the search engines and should therefore be optimized with your company’s keyword phrases. We distribute your press releases via online newswires to maximize both your media and search engine visibility.

Content Creation
This traditional approach to obtaining media coverage is as equally important online as it is offline. Editorial links to your website are both natural and high quality and will act in your favor in terms of boosting your search engine ranking. We can create a blog editorial calendar and write your blog posts, as well as offering assistance in writing more lengthy articles.

Social Media Marketing
Social media offers both the greatest opportunity – and threat – for creating your online presence. Social media sites are, in essence, another form of media outlet for brand exposure. Like with traditional PR efforts, we take a strategic and targeted approach to social media marketing to build online brand awareness and effectively manage your company’s reputation.

Brand Monitoring
The growth of social media and the blogosphere has increased the need for online brand monitoring. The Internet is huge; it is important to monitor what people are saying about your company. We keep track of online brand mentions across blogs and social media platforms and help you respond to negative coverage.