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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to drive increased qualified traffic to your website from organic search results. In order for your website to gain high visibility in the search engines, it is important to address whether it is technically search engine friendly and whether its content is relevant to the keyword phrases that you’re targeting.

Our SEO process:

Competitive analysis
We perform an in-depth analysis into what your competitors are doing to attract website traffic. We report on their search engine ranking, keyword phrases and link popularity and leverage this data to develop a search engine marketing strategy that provides you with the greatest competitive advantage.

Technical SEO analysis
We perform a technical review to identify factors that prevent search engine spiders from crawling or reading your site, and provide recommendations for facilitating search engine indexing.

Keyword research
We conduct detailed keyword research and analysis to select target phrases that are most relevant to your website and are popular search terms, while carefully assessing the competition for those phrases and the likelihood of achieving high rankings.

To effectively measure the impact of your website’s search engine optimization, we provide a benchmark report that summarizes pre-optimization rankings and online visibility.

Content Optimization
To gain high rankings for your target keywords, your website content must include those keyword phrases. We provide detailed recommendations for keyword optimizing content, while remaining cognizant of factors that raise red flags for search engine spiders.

Local Search
If you are a business serving a localized market or you have multiple locations nationwide or around the globe, it is important to optimize your website content for local searches. We provide an analysis of your current local penetration and create a strategy for moving forward.

Link Building
The practice of building inbound links has changed over the years as search engines have become more sophisticated and have introduced algorithm updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin to ensure quality. We work with you to develop organic link building strategies that integrate with Public Relations and Social Media activities.

Performance Tracking
We provide ongoing metrics reports to track SEO progress and identify opportunities for improvement and additional optimization.