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Social Media Consulting

The number one thing we know about Social Media Marketing is that it is time-consuming and over-whelming. Most internal marketing departments don’t have the time to monitor and respond to questions and comments on social media platforms, let alone create and disseminate a constant stream of content. That’s where we come in. From the initial social media strategy to content creation and ongoing community management, we can manage it all. Watch your brand awareness and Web leads grow as we drive participation and engagement via your social media channels.

Our social media consulting services include:


  • Creating a roadmap for social media participation based on your target audience and business objectives
  • Integrating social media communications with other marketing activities

Social Media Monitoring

  • Monitoring social media channels to gain competitive insights and identify opportunities for participation

Community Management

  • Creating a presence for businesses in leading social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Creating a communications plan for each social network
  • Developing strategies for engaging users and encouraging participation
  • ¬†Monitoring and responding to questions and comments

Blogger Relations

  • Identifying and working with key industry bloggers to obtain blog coverage


  • Writing, procuring and managing blog content
  • Disseminating blog content via social media channels

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Creating PPC campaigns in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Performance Tracking

  • Using analytics data to determine the success of each social media strategy implemented
  • Assessing varying engagement levels with content posted